The Washington Nationals have certainly not met expectations in this 2018 MLB campaign, with the team currently sitting in third place in the NL East behind the Braves and Phillies, both teams that weren't even supposed to be able to compete this year.

Due to the recent form of play, star outfielder Bryce Harper has had his name tossed up in the air regarding trade discussions, as the Nats haven't seriously committed to the idea of dealing their young All-Star.

However, very recently, it seems the Nationals have had a change in heart, with prevailing reports suggesting that teams have been told Harper is available for the right price.

This is news that will send a shockwave around the league, as Harper is easily one of the biggest names to be placed on the trade block in recent memory.

If any team makes a serious push for Harper, expect a big return for the Nationals, as they should be using the recent Orioles-Dodgers Manny Machado deal as a benchmark for prospects that would be coming their way.

There have already been suitors lining up at the door for the services of Harper, with the Indians making the most recent contact.

Due to the fact that the July 31st trade deadline is right around the corner, expect the market for Harper to heat up fairly significantly.