​Even during the offseason, LeBron James continues to amaze. ​After much anticipation, the I PROMISE Schoo​l in his native Akron, Ohio, officially launched today with the backing of James' foundation. The school has enrolled 240 students in the third and fourth grade. According to LBJ, it's a landmark achievement in his life.

It is just one of the many philanthropic endeavors that James has been involved with ever since he came into the league.

Many may already know that the newly-opened school emphasizes helping at-risk children who come from challenging backgrounds. However, James has gone above and beyond in providing to those in need, supplying services that will improve the lives of not only the children, but their families as well. 

In fact, every student at the I PROMISE School will receive a bicycle, a gesture that came from memories of James' own childhood in his hometown.

Amazing stuff.

​​NBA fans will have to wait until October to officially cheer on The King when he is back in action on the court, ​donning a Los Angeles Lakers uniform for the first time. But off the court at this moment, James' generosity continues to remind people why he is one of the most inspirational athletes of our time.