​It looks like the ​Cleveland Cavaliers could be losing yet another player in free agency.

Talks between Rodney Hood and the Cavs about a new contract don't appear to be going anywhere at the moment. Hood is currently seeking a short-term deal that's fair for both sides. 

Other teams interested in the shooting guard reportedly include the Bulls, Pacers and Pelicans.

​​Hood was one of the many pieces Cleveland acquired at the trade deadline last season to reinvigorate them and add depth. During the regular season, he averaged 10.8 points pet game and shot 35 percent on field goals, taking a notable step back after relocating from Utah.

In the postseason, Hood came off the bench in 17 games and started one. His stats were a major nosedive even compared to the regular season, as he averaged 5.4 points per game and shot just 17 percent from three-point range.

The 25-year-old could prove an intriguing piece for a Cleveland team looking to start a new era now that LeBron James is gone. He hasn't been spectacular, but ​Hood is a proven scorer at the professional level and should keep getting better with time. 

Though he only wants a short-term deal, it would even make a lot of sense to offer more long-term security. Hood has promising skills and has what it takes to be a solid scoring contributor in Cleveland for years to come. If they end up letting him walk, it just means more pressure on Kevin Love to produce a scoring barrage by himself every single night.