​Kyle Korver could be somewhere other than Cleveland before the NBA season kicks off, and the Oklahoma City Thunder should take advantage of such an opportunity.

After getting rid of Carmelo Anthony's huge, unneeded contract, the Thunder have been able to open up cap space to sign players that can be efficient in Billy Donovan's system, such as Dennis Schroder. However, as talented as their roster is, the biggest skill that it doesn't really possess is important: three-point shooting. Kyle Korver obviously fits that need.

Last season, the Thunder finished as the league's sixth worst three-point shooting team, while Korver was the league's sixth most efficient three-point shooter. Russell Westbrook and Paul George are both two-way stars, but they're all around, athletic players, so the Thunder need more guys that can specialize in different areas of the floor. For example, Steven Adams is great in the paint on offense and defense, while Schroder will add quickness and speed.

The rest of the Thunder's roster, however, isn't too great when you look at areas of need. If a trade for Korver is made, the ​team can easily make themselves a threat in the Western Conference, as they'll have guys who can drive (Westbrook), play in the post (Adams), and shoot the ball (Korver). A greater emphasis on defense for the team in general will improve their play on the other side of the floor as well.

Of course, some contracts will need to go in order for the Thunder to afford Korver, as the Thunder rank dead last in cap space next season. Possible trade pieces to Cleveland could include Andre Roberson and Kyle Singler, who could complement Kevin Love at shooting guard and small forward nicely. 

If the Thunder want to make noise, they should call the Cavs before Philadelphia gets closer to making a deal.