During a summer where it was so easy to jump on the Golden State bandwagon, Dwight Howard chose to make a braver move. Even after the Warriors reached out to him, Howard decided to seemingly keep his pride intact.

Howard explained that one of the reasons he was swayed to the Wizards was because of John Wall reaching out to him. Wall DM'ed him on Instagram after the buyout with Brooklyn was complete to recruit him to Washington. Maybe Wall should have been a lawyer after all.

Howard told David Aldridge, “Once John hit me up, it was like, nah, this is the spot. Not only did it feel right, but everything, from the point guard situation to the shooting guard, to the city. All of that. I’m very intrigued by Washington, D.C., itself … on the court, man, it just makes total sense."

Who knew John Wall had so much power?

It seems like Howard didn't want to receive any of the backlash that comes with ganging up with the already invincible Warriors just to win a title. You've got to give him some credit for making a bold decision instead of taking the easy way out.