Jose Reyes will easily finish as one of the best players to ever represent the Mets, as the former Silver Slugger ​was a key member of the offense for years. However, it's time to stop letting the past cloud our current judgement of the veteran infielder.

This season continues to prove that Reyes can't compete in the MLB any longer. His pathetic .176 batting average speaks for itself, as the four-time All-Star is being outperformed by Zack Wheeler at the plate. 


​​Right now, Wheeler has a .229 average in 35 at-bats. While the sample size is certainly low, the talented pitcher has four RBI in those appearances, compared to Reyes' eight RBI in 153 at-bats. 

Yup, that's about as embarrassing as it gets. Even Wheeler's OPS is higher than the veteran's, which puts ​Reyes' miserable season into perspective.

​​The Mets can continue blaming their ​injuries for failing to find success in 2018, but keeping Reyes on the roster is an inexcusable mistake.