​​Veteran Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester took to Twitter recently to give some sage advice to young, up-and-coming professional athletes about the dangers of social media.

And you should probably listen to him.

Lester told players that it only takes a few minutes to delete old posts, and he's completely correct. Just take the time and make sure you've got nothing which is going to cause a national scandal linked to your name in your backlog, deep or recent.

​​To some, Lester's comments may seem like advice on how to destroy evidence so the cops don't catch you. But that's not what this is about at all.

As Lester himself points out, this is all about youthful mistakes. People do and say stupid things when they're young, especially when embroiled in high school culture, pressure-packed with people who want you to fit in. Yes, as Lester said, "don't say stupid things in the first place," but stuff occasionally happens when you're young and immature.

Erase the memories you would rather not have people dig up, because they're not representative of who you are now.

​​As we saw with​ the Josh Hader case, and now with ​Braves pitcher Sean Newcomb, guys are getting torn apart for things they said years ago.

Assuming that they haven't matured at all since then is a little ignorant, but it is of course ​the sort of story that news outlets looking for flashy headlines will grab onto.

It's far wiser to simply not give them the chance to skewer you for your past mistakes.

This is great advice from Lester, which hopefully all celebrities, young and old, will heed.