It turns out Mia Khalifa's breasts don't provide the necessary shock absorption for a hockey puck traveling 80 miles per hour. 

The​ former porn star and sports fanatic made headlines during the Washington Capitals'​ ​Stanley Cup run when he was hit in the breast with a puck during one of the Caps' home games, and now it's reached a point where she needs to undergo a procedure.

She previously mentioned in an Instagram post after getting hit that she was "positive" her implant was ruptured. She then told the Daily Star recently that her left breast is deflated and she will be getting it fixed.

Good thing she's not in the adult film business anymore or else she'd be having a tough time finding work.

But hey, she's a dedicated fan, so she knows there had to be a trade-off here. She now has a puck from her favorite team's championship run, and it'll cost her a surgery. Not the worst thing in the world, right?

After all, she definitely has the money to do it. Sorry to all you out there that religiously follow her on Instagram. Her spicy pics could be lacking in the future.