The MLB trade deadline expires on Tuesday afternoon, and the Yankees and Dodgers are sure to add some pivotal pieces by then. 

The Yanks bolstered their pitching staff by adding arms Zach Britton from Baltimore and J.A. Happ from Toronto but are reportedly looking for more help. As for the Dodgers, they added the best player of all available on the market in All-Star Manny Machado but have the firepower to make more deals. 

Are the two teams set for an inevitable duel in hopes to add another top name to its roster?

Both franchises may have to get in line as the ​San Diego Padres have been pushing hard for the Tampa Bay Rays ace who, admittedly, hasn't quite pitched up to that All-Star level he is capable of as far as 2018 is concerned.

Archer may not have the best career wins-losses record in his seven years as a pro, but at 29-years-old with veteran experience, a career 3.69 ERA, and the fact that he is under team control until 2021, he has all the intriguing qualities of a must-buy candidate. 

For anyone willing to make the investment, though, they will certainly have to pony up to the high price tag.

Prospects, prospects, prospects! 

It's all going to come down to which team has the most to offer or who is willing to part with a young, promising starter. The clock is ticking.