Sometimes, dire circumstances call for extreme behavior. Never was devotion more true than when Yankee fans came together to hold a candlelight vigil for beloved outfielder Aaron Judge in the middle of Thursday night's game against the Kansas City Royals.

Besides Bray Wyatt's entrance into the ring, vigils are mostly held on holy days or on occasions of religious observance. It was a sad time at the ballpark on Thursday, of course, as Judge had to leave the ballgame after getting hit on the wrist by a pitch courtesy of Royals starter Jakob Junis. Judge was then taken to the ​hospital to get an MRI done on his wrist.

Yankees fans then went completely extra by holding the vigil for Judge, which I personally love! Yankees fans themselves have taken a unique liking to Judge, as seen with their Judge's Chambers section in the right field porch. Thursday's vigil, however, took things to a whole new level.

Judge has played his way into the hearts of Yankees fans since his debut back in 2016. In around two full seasons now, Judge has hit .275 with 82 career home runs and 185 RBI. His monstrous power and likable personality have made him one of the biggest faces in baseball.

In 98 games for the Yankees this season, Judge has hit .283 with 26 ​home runs and 61 RBI, getting on base in 39.6 percent of his plate appearances and slugging .547. The Yankees' chances in the American League East will decrease dramatically now that Judge is missing three weeks, despite their stacked lineup.

The vigil worked in theory; only three weeks isn't a worst-case scenario. But more importantly than that, it brought love and empathy back into the picture. Who could argue with that?