​The USA Basketball mini camp tipped off today, and with it came a little photo shoot for the players invited.

For Washington Wizards point guard ​John Wall, the headshot that he got launched him into the world of memes, but maybe not for the right reasons. He looks awfully rough in the pic, and even his mom couldn't mince words. 

​​Wall either took that first round playoff loss really hard, or he just isn't getting enough sleep. Whatever it is it was hilarious to see a photo like this.

John Wall isn't the only one looking like they just got up for their 8 AM Lecture, as San Antonio Spurs guard ​DeMar DeRozan didn't exactly look spritely in his shot either. 

It's all in good fun.

John Wall is looking to ​​have a bounce back season after missing half of the regular season with injuries and losing in the first round to the Toronto Raptors. The Wizards should be an interesting team to watch with the acquisition of center Dwight Howard.