You don't get to the top of the baseball mountain without being a bit of a petty savage.

​Phil Hughes ​played with the New York Yankees from 2007 until 2013, so if anyone is going to have some dirt on Derek Jeter, it's someone who went through the championship ringer with him. In a recent podcast interview with Pardon My Take, Hughes went all in on Jeter and exposed his betting habits, which are...strange, to say the least.

Hughes shared that Jeter would do little bets here and there, but was still a major competitor. If he lost a wager, he would pay his teammates back in pennies, rather than actual money. One hundred dollars in pennies is 10,000 pennies, which can only mean one thing: Derek Jeter is a savage with hefty pockets.

Hughes said that Jeter "probably had to send someone to a bank and do a special request to pay you in pennies," which is just hilarious, but also completely sounds like something he would do. Petty? Yes. But Jeter never liked to lose, and bets should be no exception. Even a loss should feel like a win.

It sounds like ​Derek Jeter is the last person anyone would want to place a bet against, because either way, they know they're going to lose. 

That's just the way it is with the Captain.