LeBron James Jr. Is back at it, as it seems no player or heckler alike can stop him on his rampage through AAU basketball. 

Being the son of LeBron James must be tough, as no other middle school kid on earth has gotten as much attention playing a sport as James Jr. has, and it's so bad there's already bets being placed on where he will go to college. 

Despite this absurd amount of press, as evident by this video, Bronny still manages to go and ball out and prove the haters wrong day in and day out. 

It's also, to put it lightly, an odd decision to heckle LeBron James' son in front of  LeBron James himself, and It takes a real psycho to heckle a 13-year-old kid, regardless of who their father is. 

Dick Vitale really said it best in this tweet. 

Bronny is well on his way to becoming the next big high school basketball talent, but right now he's only 13 and people need to get a grip. 

But for now, enjoy his insane AAU highlights, because Bronny takes after his father on the court.