​The caption says it best: welcome to Iowa baseball. In a high school baseball game on Monday, a poor catcher in Iowa was absolutely trucked by a runner rounding third in a game between Wilton and Denver, and it wasn't pretty, to say the least.

The people recording the video couldn't help but react with laughter and shock as that catcher saw his life flash before his eyes. The ball hadn't even reached the plate yet when the runner came in contact with the catcher, so it could definitely be considered a dirty play. 

There's always a ​chance that was an accident, but that would have been one of the most painful accidents I've seen in some time.

Of course, collisions at the plate in Major League Baseball are limited after San Francisco Giants catcher ​Buster Posey was brutally run over at home by Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins in 2011. The league has taken quite the stance against potentially harmful plays, no doubt. 

As for the catcher in Iowa, we can only hope he wasn't seriously injured on the play.