Yoenis Cespedes is joining New York Mets royalty. Only a select few get paid massive contracts only to sit out for extended periods of time after everyone in the organization makes all the wrong decisions. 

The Mets have announced that Cespedes will miss the remainder of the season after undergoing surgery on his heels. ​

​​This is so Mets it hurts, pun intended. Does the name David Wright ring a bell? How about Jose Reyes? What about Carlos Beltran?

Cespedes apparently first pitched the idea of surgery to Mets brass on Friday night and things have moved extremely quick since then. The surgery is expected to keep Cespedes out of action for 8-10 months. 

Cespedes met with the team's foot specialist on Monday for an MRI but the franchise did not come to a decision over what he should do. 

Cespedes has already spent nine weeks on the disabled list so this vacation from Flushing will be nothing new to the guy who was once a great threat in the batter's box.