Christmas came early for Kevin Love. He doesn't have to get yelled at by LeBron James anymore and he's going to be an even richer man.

According to reports, Love has agreed to a four-year, $120 million contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. ​

Love's future in Cleveland had been called into question ever since James made his first passive aggressive comments about the ​big man several years ago. It seemed like he was perpetually on the trading block as long as honorary general manager James was in town. 

This deal signifies that ​Love is the face of the Cleveland organization for the time being. James' departure means Love is now the best player on the team and is being paid as such. He'll be expected to shoulder a much more significant portion of the offensive burden moving forward. 

​​No one actually knows if Love can return to the dominant form he once displayed in Minnesota and flashed at times while in Cleveland, but those expectations are now firmly back on this shoulders due to how much he's being paid. 

If Love can take another step as he is firmly in the middle of his prime, Cleveland will compete for a playoff spot. If he stagnates, Cleveland will be wondering why they handed so much money to be stuck in NBA purgatory.