​You've heard this phrase before, but this is some classic JR Smith right here.

On Sunday, Smith took to his Instagram to thank his former teammate, LeBron James, for his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. While these types of social media posts are normally nice to see, the only problem with this post was the timing, literal weeks after we'd all processed the Hollywood move and moved on.

The caption reads: "Thanks bro @kingjames"

Yup, that's really it.

James officially agreed to join the Los Angeles Lakers on July 1 via a press release by his sports agency, Klutch Sports Group. Smith posted his thank you on July 22, exactly three weeks after the news broke worldwide.

Some fan reactions and comments were priceless, as many of them joked that Smith had just realized that James is no longer a Cavalier, similarly to ​how he had allegedly forgotten what the score was in game one of the 2018 NBA Finals. Smith, however, is no stranger to internet jokes, as one meme of a closeup of Smith's face has frequently been circulated and used many times over the past couple of years.

 James commented, "My G! #FamilyTies" in response, as if this didn't happen three weeks ago.

Even after Smith's Finals blunder, ​and all of the questionable decisions he's made on and off the court, it's good to see that James still loves and respects his former teammate. Their amicable relationship, however, probably won't be evident when the Lakers face the Cavs next season.