​​You tell 'em, Jeanie.

LeBron and LA originally seemed like a perfect match, with the King hoping to take his brand to Hollywood and win a few rings in the process. Sadly, some Laker fans haven't ​taken too kindly to the King's arrival.

Artists around the city have painted LeBron murals, only to see their work destroyed in a matter of weeks.

Surely just a minor blip on the radar of an international star like James, it's still not a good look for the Lakers organization as they try to welcome their next star with open arms. 

Buss, for her part, is attempting to stop these acts of vandalism in their tracks, so to speak. 

Damn, straight through the heart.

At first we considered the likelihood that the Kobe Bryant-LeBron rivalry had carried over into the Laker fanbase. With James' signing, it gave Kobe fans a chance to lash out, but this reeks of something far different.

What reasonable Laker fan would risk arrest just to paint a white streak over a mural? Buss is right, it's likely not a Laker fan at all.