The man didn't hold back here. 

Shannon Sharpe was not amused with how Milwaukee Brewers fans welcomed back Josh Hader after his Twitter controversy. 

During the All-Star Game, somebody dug up Hader's old tweets that were extremely homophobic and racist. Hader has since apologized to his teammates and is attending mandatory sensitivity classes.

When Hader returned to the mound for Milwaukee, he was met with a standing ovation. This action by Brewers fans made no sense. Why are they applauding somebody for offensive tweets? Is it because he apologized? 

Sharpe decided to voice how this is completely ridiculous considering what happens to African American athletes when they choose to protest social injustices during the National Anthem. 

When football players kneeled against systematic injustice, they were vilified and people stopped watching the NFL because of it.

It is an extreme double standard. Hader shouldn't be praised at all for anything he has done over the past week.

Hader apologizing to his teammates should be the bare minimum we expect out of him. All he has done is said a few words and tried to play the whole situation off as being a kid. First off, 17 is basically a legal adult. Secondly, most 17-year-olds aren't openly racist on Twitter. It isn't an excuse. 

A lot of people certainly agree with Sharpe here.