This makes absolutely no sense.

Does anybody see the logic in what Lakers fans are doing? Their team has been garbage for the past five years and haven't had a star since the corpse of Kobe Bryant limped up and down the court. Then, for no reason other than location, the greatest player of all time decides to come play in Los Angeles and fans are somehow mad about it. 


LeBron is better than any player to put on a Lakers uniform. So, it makes sense for him to be compared to other legends like Magic Johnson and Shaq. 

Yet, Lakers fans are throwing a hissy fit because he is in the same mural as their favorite legends. You should be giving King James a heroes welcome,  not throwing paint over his image.

A year ago the only time the Lakers got mentioned on ESPN was when their second overall pick forgot how to shoot a basketball. Now they have the GOAT, who will attract other big-time free agents, and they are pissed he is being compared to their childhood heroes.

Lakers fans need to grow up. 

Your team was an absolute joke until LeBron showed up to save the franchise. What was the future of your team? Lonzo's airballs? Get over yourselves and appreciate the gift that just fell into your lap. Cleveland will gladly take him back if you don't want him.