Michael Rubin is lucky to own a team that happens to employ Joel Embiid. The man is a devastating force at both ends of the floor, and his value as a social media superstar is just as formidable. And that's why the owner of the ​76ers can't really be all that perturbed when moments like this occur.​

In a series of Instagram posts, #TheProcess clowned on Rubin on the occasion of his birthday. "Better get your birthday sex," he cracks, following that one up with a dig about the 46-year-old Rubin being, ahem, 69.​​


Again, if you're Rubin, you're having a blast witnessing yourself become the latest victim of Embiid's elite ability to deliver mad social media mockery. You don't just laugh it off; you embrace it. This is what he hath wrought.

The big man really is the gift that keeps on giving.