One of the most compelling stories in the past year in sports is the agonizing process leading up to the divorce between ​Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs. After ​he was finally traded to the Raptors this week, Spurs fans are glad that they don't have to deal with the drama anymore. And one group of supporters actually made a t-shirt that sums up their take on the demise of Kawhi's relationship with the team. 

This shirt is hilarious because it accurately lays out the drama between Leonard and the Spurs pretty effectively.

​​Fans in San Antonio have the right to be angry at Kawhi. When the team faced the Warriors in the playoffs, Leonard was cleared to play by Spurs doctors, but ​he decided to stay away from the team and commiserate with his own medical team while the eventual NBA champs eliminated the Spurs handily. It is inexcusable if you are your team's best player to refuse to help out when they needed it most.

It was also speculated that the reason why there was drama between Kawhi and the Spurs was because he was listening to his uncle, Dennis Robertson, who has been increasingly ​involved in his nephew's decision-making

Even though it was first reported that Kawhi had not interest playing in Toronto, Raptors fans hope that he won't be a "Ka-witter" and actually contribute to the team.