It was mere minutes into last season that new Celtic Gordon Hayward, the man destined to bring the team to an NBA Finals appearance, tragically fractured his leg, ruling him out for the remainder of the year. However, with time comes recovery, as the 28-year-old has made significant progress in his rehabilitation. 

Recently, Hayward wanted to let everyone know how about his progress, posting a highlight reel on Instagram in which he showed off what appears to be his full range of basketball motion back.

This minute-long snippet of step-backs and faders should definitely excite the Celtics faithful.

The thought of a healthy duo of Kyrie Irving and Hayward, along with an already-stacked C's roster, should have other organizations in the East trembling in fear.

In an Eastern Conference that no longer boasts LeBron James, this Celtics team has a serious chance to push for its first Finals appearance since 2010, with the only major competition most likely coming from the new-look Raptors and the young 76ers.

Nonetheless, seeing Gordon Hayward back on the court, doing what he loves to do is great for not only Boston, but the NBA.