Here's one thing that is for certain: the NFL is guaranteed to have a National Anthem issue for the 2018 season, no matter how many bizarre preventative measures are put in place.

The controversial May ruling ensured that fact by making it clear that Roger Goodell is even more disconnected from the athletes than when displays first started back in 2016. And if he was attempting to appease President Trump with his overtures, then he was clearly mistaken. Did not work.

Instead of being somewhat satisfied with the league's harsh punishment, Trump has continued to lash out, claiming that two protests should be enough for a payment-free season-long ban. 

Washington Redskins rookie Derrius Guice is aware of Trump's latest outburst, and like many other NFL players, and he had no problem calling out Trump over his NFL anthem "proposal." 

Whether you agree or disagree with the President, you must admit there are more pressing issues for him to spend his time monitoring. If this is what he wants to fire off, then fine; someone should probably change the wifi password or take away his electronics before he does so.

Somehow, the NFL has come to serve as a microcosm of the feelings and the current climate of the United States, and there must be some way to unify it.

In the interim, prepare for more Commander-in-Chief Twitter vitriol.