Look, I get it. There's a million different reasons to hate ​DeMarcus Cousins right now.

He signed with the best team in the NBA. He took a pay cut. He made the NBA unfair. Blah, blah blah, blah, blah.

Everyone looking at Cousins' choice of signing with the ​Golden State Warriors in that light does not see the whole picture.

To get a better understanding of the entire situation, I recommend watching this short clip from Cousins' Showtime special, which documents the four-time All-Star's free agency journey.

​​As the video and numerous reports explain, Cousins did not have a whole lot of options in free agency.

After suffering a season-ending achilles injury with the New Orleans Pelicans, not many teams were willing to take a chance on Cousins.

For a player that was supposed to be signing a max contract this offseason to being blackballed by the NBA for his attitude and injury was simply unfair.

The fact not one team was willing to offer the former Kentucky big man the deal he deserved was what lead Cousins doing what was best for his career.

By signing with the Warriors, Cousins now has time to recover from his injury without having to feel the pressure of coming back to support his team (Golden State will be fine without him). Once Cousins does come back, if he can prove his injury is a thing of the past, he will be able to sign the max deal he's been waiting for with whichever team he chooses in 2019, as Cousins smartly only agreed to a one-year contract with the Warriors.

Going to the Bay Area was strictly a business decision for Cousins. 

In a league where teams don't give a damn about loyalty (DeMar DeRozan is a Spur!), why should Cousins care about anything but himself?

DeMarcus Cousins choosing to do what's best for him playing wise and financially should not be frowned upon by the NBA community.