This is unreal! Your eyes, however, are not deceiving you. During a recent workout, 180-pound wide receiver Rondale Moore decided he was going to make himself a legend. The rising Purdue freshman threw 600 pounds onto the bar and, in front of his screaming teammates, squatted it with authority.

Wow. I would hate to be a cornerback lining up against this guy. Moore shouldn't have a problem with press coverage; he can just pick up the guy and put him over his shoulder like it is nothing.

For a freshman to be pulling this off is insane. This is the reason he was the number one ranked receiver in Kentucky. It will be crazy to see what he is able to do once he has a year under an NCAA workout regiment. 

It is expected that the 4-star recruit will be utilized in Jeff Brohm's offense despite being just a freshman. This video proves he is at least physically ready for the challenge. The real test will be how he responds to the speed of the game and picks up the offense.

In any event, Purdue fans should be highly excited to watch this kid play for the Boilermakers. Hopefully, he becomes a game-changer for them.