The death of University of Maryland football player Jordan McNair was a shocking tragedy for everyone in College Park. 

McNair was at practice when his breathing became irregular and he struggled to catch his breath. McNair later died due to seizures which are said to be caused by heat stroke.

The Diamondback, the student newspaper on Maryland's campus, has recently stated that, according to the 911 records that were obtained, the team's training staff acted negligibly and didn't properly communicate the severity of McNair's condition to the dispatcher.

This would result in paramedics not being brought to the scene because they are only sent to calls that required immediate attention. McNair went into a seizure 10 minutes into the initial call and only then were paramedics requested.

Heat stroke is only fatal when not properly treated. If the victim is immediately given cold water submersion there is virtually no chance of them dying. The only time there is a fatality is when there is some sort of delay or lack of ability to treat the situation.

This information puts the university and their training staff at fault for the death of McNair. Due to their failure to detect and adequately treat his heat stroke, he passed away. The family recently hired a lawyer and that most likely means school is going to be brought to court.