Kawhi Leonard was finally traded, but that doesn't mean that the drama ends there. 

With reports claiming that Leonard has no interest in playing for the Toronto Raptors, the relationship between he and NBA teams is on thin ice. But Kawhi is not the problem; the real issue lies with his 'Uncle Dennis', aka Dennis Robertson. 

It was always a bit weird that Kawhi, notorious around the NBA for being shy and soft spoken, was causing so many locker room issues in San Antonio. Leonard never really seemed the type to start drama around the NBA. Plus, once you think about it, Kawhi himself never leaks anything to the media. They're always reported by a third party... Interesting. 

As the situation in San Antonio worsened it became clear that at the heart of the drama wasn't Leonard, but Robertson.

If Kawhi wants to get his reputation back he needs to cut out his Uncle from the basketball decision making part of his life.  Robertson clearly has an influence on Leonard, pulling strings behind the scenes to get the most out of his relationship with the NBA star.

It's time for Kawhi to acknowledge that this relationship has become a problem and make these decisions on his own.