​Forget about throwing an interception at the one-yard line against New England in the Super Bowl; this moment right here will forever haunt ​Russell Wilson. Despite being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, the Seahawks superstar still isn't getting the respect he deserves. It appeared viral sensation ​'Shiggy' wanted to take a quick picture with the four-time Pro Bowler, but clearly he was more interested in Wilson's wife, Ciara.

​​Ouch, this was more painful to watch than Seattle's putrid offensive line constantly giving Wilson barely a second to throw the ball last season.

Seriously, Shiggy may have buried Wilson's soul with this move. Not only did he take a picture with Ciara instead, but he visibly told the Super Bowl champion to move out of the way. 

It's hard to blame him, as his wife is an established pop star in her own right. But still.

​​Honestly, I feel terrible for Wilson, especially after seeing him basically take a stiff-arm to the chest. 

It'll take time to get over this humiliating moment, but something tells me Wilson will bounce back on the field.