Yahoo Sports once had the best basketball reporting tandem on the market. ​Adrian Wojnarowski and ​Shams Charania are among the greatest NBA newsbreakers ever to do it, and Yahoo was once blessed to have both.

Now, they're about to have neither. 

​​Wojnarowski left Yahoo recently for ESPN, and Shams is on his way out the door as well. At just 24 years old, Charania is easily the top basketball reporter on the market.

Reportedly, the two sides could not agree on a salary number. Yahoo Sports released this statement following the news that Charania would be heading out the door.

The statement confirms that it was Yahoo that made the decision to walk away from negotiations, not Charania.

The originator of the #ShamsBomb now has a couple options in front of him. He could follow his mentor, Adrian Wojnarowski, to ESPN on a presumably lucrative deal that could guarantee him in front of the television cameras, or he could choose a place like NBC Sports or even The Athletic, which is snatching up free agent reporters and columnists left and right.

The ball, as they say, is in Charania's court.