​What a time it is to be a Toronto fan. 

First they were gifted John Tavares in the largest free agent signing in the salary cap era, now the city will be ​welcoming Kawhi Leonard to the great white North. It's an exciting time to be a Toronto Raptors fan, but the Maple Leafs acquiring Tavares trounces Leonard's arrival. 

Kawhi is simply an afterthought for Toronto natives as they don their brand new Tavares jerseys.  

There's one glaring difference between the arrivals of both stars though. 

Tavares chose to go to Toronto. He's fulfilling a childhood dream by suiting up with the Maple Leaf on his chest instead of his PJs. Kawhi, on the other hand, has explicitly stated he doesn't want to play in Toronto. ​​He spent a majority of ​last season in the press box with a self-disclosed "injury," but that's the NBA for you. 

You know who will never whine about coming to The Six? Tavares. 

Tavares' arrival to Toronto is far more significant for the city and the organization as a whole, and will have a profound impact on a franchise desperate for their first title since 1967. Considering the parity in hockey, the Leafs have a realistic chance of reaching that goal. 

Acquiring Kawhi simply makes Toronto *among* the favorites in the Eastern Conference, putting them on a crash course to lose in the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors. 

Toronto is a hockey town. It always has been and always will be. Kawhi was used to the spotlight in San Antonio, but he'll move down the totem pole of Toronto stardom as Auston Matthews and John Tavares carry the Maple Leafs to future championships.