Give me your tired, your weak and your spiteful. Give Canada your divas, your liars and your ​quitters. When they go low, you go even lower. 

The rightfully angry San Antonio Spurs completely trolled Kawhi Leonard in their Twitter announcement of the trade with the Toronto Raptors. 

​​I love this move. When you deal with the likes of ​Leonard and his Uncle Dennis, the petty way is the only way. 

Is there anything more underwhelming considering the circumstances than a picture of the Spurs logo with the caption, "The Spurs obtain DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poeltl from the Toronto Raptors." 

Absolutely no mention of he who shall not be named. It's only right that you give as little attention to the man who, out of absolutely nowhere, shockingly craves more attention than a Kardashian. You want to sabotage our entire season because you possess the maturity of a child? Fine. We'll hit you with our newfound Twitter fingers.

If you thought the spotlight didn't shine in ​San Antonio, have fun in the darkness of a franchise not even located within the United States. 

One petty move wasn't enough. The Spurs made two, which is fair considering that's almost as many games as Leonard played in total last season. Every other photo in this collage utilizes a uniform font size that is very easy on the eye. Leonard's? Not so much. 

How do you turn Leonard into an afterthought to a Spurs franchise he isn't a part of anymore? Win the PR battle. 

Never did I think I would type those two sentences. But when it comes to Leonard and the Spurs, all logic goes out the window.