Don't let the door hit you on your way out Kawhi!

The San Antonio Spurs have detested ​Kawhi Leonard and his antics ever since he refused to play for the team last season and requested to be traded away from the organization, so they had the final word here.

The only team Leonard ​told the Spurs he wanted to be traded to was the Los Angeles Lakers. Being the Lakers are a big-market team, Leonard wanted to increase his marketability to sponsors and grow his star power dramatically by moving to Los Angeles. Not to mention, Leonard is a native of Los Angeles and grew up a Lakers fan his entire life.

Instead of granting the former NBA Finals MVP his wish, the Spurs got the last laugh by sending Leonard to the polar opposite of the Lakers: The Toronto Raptors.

Forget Leonard's wishes of going to his hometown team, Popovich and the Spurs made the ultimate petty move and sent Leonard to the only NBA team that doesn't even play in the same country!

Leonard's big-market wishes? Crushed. Leonard might have the whole country of Canada behind him now, but by no means is that enough to turn him into the endorsement superstar he would have become with the Lakers. Look no further than your local Foot Locker to prove my point. Do you see a ​DeMar DeRozan or Kyle Lowry signature shoe there? Didn't think so. 

Ultimately, Leonard will probably get what he wants, as he can sign with whichever team he fancies when he hits free agency in 2019. Although you have to admit, sending Leonard to the frozen tundra of Toronto instead of to the sunny beaches of Los Angeles is an amazing troll job on the part of the Spurs.

​​Enjoy the Eastern Conference and a team that can't win in the playoffs!