Josh Hader has some explaining to do. During the pitcher's first ever All-Star appearance, some of his ​ugly tweets from 2011 resurfaced. The tweets contained extremely racist and homophobic remarks that he's now saying do not reflect his beliefs. Hader was interviewed after the game about the tweets and definitely looked uncomfortable and thrown off guard, to say the least. 

Not the best way to start off your career as an official MLB All-Star.

Hader claims that the tweets do not reflect any of his beliefs right now as a 24-year-old. The tweets were posted when he was 17, and he says that at that time he was "young, immature and stupid." In the next part of the interview, Hader assumes that he was probably posting some rap lyrics but the tweets are so old that he can't even remember what they're about. 

Throughout the questioning, you can obviously see the man is devastated by the backlash he's getting from something he did as a teenager. Whether he learned his lesson or not, he's going to face the heat now and for awhile, too. 

And an apology is usually the first step, but we're going to need more than that.