​It's been a rough night for Brewers reliever Josh Hader.

After giving up a three-run bomb to Jean Segura in his first All-Star Game, taking a loss on the field would be the least of his concerns. Old tweets surfaced from when Hader was a 17-year-old, in which he frequently used the n-word and referred to minorities as racial slurs.

After the game, Hader apologized profusely, stating that the tweets don't reflect his current views. It's an excuse we're used to from pro athletes in the public eye, and the only one they can really afford to give. Hader owned up to his mistakes and will now have to answer for them to his teammates, as well as friends and family.

As for Hader's public perception, that's already taken a major hit. His wikipedia page received an edit late on Tuesday night.

Hader's tweets are irresponsible and inexplicable, and a terrible end to the weekend for his family. Hader is from nearby Maryland, and it was meant to be a homecoming of sorts for the 24-year-old.

The hits just keep on coming.

Some went for a more straight forward approach.

The nightmare is far from over for Hader.