DeAndre Hopkins has cemented himself as one of the best pass catchers in all of football, but what if I told you that he is even better than he gets credit for?

Being on the Houston Texans, Hopkins has had to deal with a lot of different quarterbacks, and most of them haven't been very good. Between Brock Osweiler, Tom Savage, and T.J. Yates, life has been pretty difficult for No. 10. 

​​The stat tells the story. 

You've gotta give Hopkins credit for not being a diva through all of the quarterback trouble that he has had. A lot of receivers wouldn't be able to take the frustration of inaccurate throwers. 

But the tides are turning in Houston, as it finally seems like they have found the answer at quarterback. ​DeShaun Watson was having an outstanding season last year before he tore his ACL. Watson expects to be healthy for Week 1, and if he can rekindle the chemistry that he was starting to develop with Hopkins, Houston could be a scary offense. 

​​The Texans will kick off the season on the road against the defending conference champion ​New England Patriots.

We'll see what kind of noise they can make early on.