​Kobe Bryant's 'Detail' series where he analyzes current NBA players' games will make its first pit stop at the game of a rookie, as the episode for Atlanta Hawks point guard ​Trae Young is currently available on ESPN+.

​​The five-time champion didn't only praise Young, but also pointed out areas where he could improve and plays that he should've made.

The fifth overall pick showed his appreciation for the Black Mamba's help. 

​​Young certainly showed some flashes of brilliance in the Las Vegas Summer League, but he also showed parts of his game that certainly needs work. His decision making can definitely improve, and while he is a gifted passer, he still tends to take too many low-percentage shots.

But, at the end of the day, Summer League is nothing more than glorified exhibition games, and the rookie's skills will be truly evaluated come the regular season. 

He should have no problem showcasing his abilities on a Hawks team that is relatively low on talent.