​Outside of people that just started watching basketball, the skillset and championship pedigree of ​Josh Hart is known to hardcore fans. 

Throughout his time at Villanova and early start to his NBA career, the talented guard has proven he belongs on the main stage. After all, he was a national champion and consensus All-American during his days in the NCAA. Yet, FS1's Shannon Sharpe foolishly indicated on Undisputed that all the hype surrounding Hart should slow down. 

"There's an expectation that Josh Hart should play well. We've seen guys thrive when there's no expectations of winning. Now, there's an expectation of winning and for you to be good. How does he handle those two pressures?"

​​With all due respect, Mr. Sharpe, have you seen Hart play? 

During the Summer League, the second-year guard is averaging 24.2 points per game. As for his rookie campaign, the Villanova star finished with 7.9 points and 4.2 rebounds per contest in limited minutes. 

Calling him unproven is another debate, but questioning his ability to win is an insult, which sparked Hart to enlighten the Hall of Fame tight end. 

​​That's the definition of a mic drop. 

Sadly, Sharpe decided to basically ignore Hart's comments and just reiterate what he already said on TV. 

If Sharpe is going to take his LeBron James fandom over to Los Angeles, he'll need to have a better understanding of the ​King's new supporting cast. Josh Hart isn't just another role player, he's ready to become the future of the Lakers' backcourt.