Does the name Jahlil Okafor ring a bell? It should because Okafor is a free agent that is still on the market after nearly three weeks.

There were rumors circling around that Okafor was not going to come back to the NBA this season, however, it seems to appear otherwise. He has been working out with trainers David Alexander and Idan Ravin in Miami for the past few months and is looking pretty good. 

Okafor will not be heading back to Brooklyn for another season after playing 26 games for them last season. After two years riding the bench for the Sixers after having a great rookie campaign, Okafor headed over to Brooklyn in a trade. Now, it doesn't look like the Nets really want him back.

The big man worked out for four teams in Las Vegas with the hope that he will end up on an NBA squad next season. The Indiana Pacers and ​Chicago Bulls are among the teams that are interested in Okafor, but they were not at the workouts.

Okafor has reportedly been slimming down over the past few months, and is said to have dropped 17 pounds.

Okafor was a player that came into the NBA with a ton of potential. It would be disappointing for him to just slip away from professional basketball knowing that he can still impact a team.