The NBA Summer League is a nice teaser for basketball fans who are itching for the upcoming season and a perfect time for the incoming young talent to burst onto the scene. Collin Sexton is one player who's already showing he can handle the bulk of the load after he was selected eighth overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers, or maybe he's just going a bit harder than everyone else after he tried intimidating Josh Hart while flexing on defense. 

​​If he's getting that fired up about a close game in the Summer League, what is he going to do during a tight playoff game? The poor kid's head might just explode right off of his body.

It's definitely hilarious to see him look like a New Zealand rugby player doing the haka to intimidate his opponent, but there's definitely something to be excited about if you're a Cavs fan. You can't teach that passion no matter what, and this just shows Sexton is the kind of guy you want leading your franchise. 

Plus, there's the little fact that he also went off last night. That helps too. 

The point guard has averaged 18.3 points per game on 43 percent shooting, adding nearly four assists. There's a reason why Cleveland is willing to trade anyone on the roster but him, and it's because he looks like the player who can take over and do whatever it takes to bring home a win.

If embarrassingly flexing on your opponent is part of that, then so be it.