​After any momentous sporting event takes place, the media tries to be at the scene immediately for reaction interviews sure to garner ratings. When ​Bryce Harper sealed the 2018 MLB Home Run Derby, ESPN's Buster Olney tried to hunt down the Nationals superstar for such an interview. Things... did not go as planned for poor ol' Buster.

Harper ignored Olney for not one, not two, but three National League teammates on live television. The look of sheer defeat in Olney's face at the end of the video says it all.

To be fair, this aspect of interjectory reporting ​​has always been a controversial style of journalism. Many believe players should at least have a couple minutes to celebrate and talk with their peers after a major event like this, and ​Harper made sure to have exactly that, whether Olney and ESPN wanted to let him or not.

The final score from tonight's Home Run Derby: Bryce Harper 3, Buster Olney 0.