​Impersonators and fan accounts are all over the place on Twitter - sometimes making it hard to figure out which accounts are the real deal. 

Green Bay Packers' running back Ty Montgomery is asking to be verified by Twitter so that fans can know exactly who he is. 

After seeing this latest tweet, Twitter may want to make this a priority. 

​​Someone has created a take Monty Twitter account, with the same profile and header pictures as the real Montgomery. Honestly, this is kind of funny. At least Montgomery thinks so. 

The impersonator has even tweeted out supporting the real Montgomery's request for a blue check mark.

​​If you are confused as to what is going on and who is the real Monty, you are not alone. ​Twitter needs to do us all a favor and give the real Ty Montgomery his verification. 

As the Montgomery impersonator reminds us - identity theft is not a joke. So Twitter, please fix this issue and give ​Packers players the respect they deserve.