Yet again, LaVar Ball is making another appearance in sports news...This time, however, LaVar actually doesn't sound like a total idiot. When he was asked if he was the one to leak the news about his son Lonzo Ball's knee injury, he was quick to deny the accusation.

LaVar's reply was pretty simple: “I don’t leak nothing. I always say what’s on my mind, so you don’t never see me saying, ‘I think I should say this now and let it leak.’ I don’t do that.”

Honestly, he does have a point. It is much more his style to say something himself with an over the top announcement than leaking something through another source. LaVar literally lives for the attention of the spotlight, so it would only make sense for him to announce something with some pizzazz. 

Some people still are a bit skeptical about if he is telling the truth. 

LaVar is a pretty straight shooter when it comes to these things, though. Yes, he has a huge personality and is definitely oblivious and delusional, but he isn't a complete jerk. 

So, maybe we should give LaVar props for the way he handled this question. He spoke honestly and didn't take advantage of the spotlight that Lonzo received from his injury. LaVar will be saying his prayers a little harder tonight as ​Lonzo goes into his surgery this week.