Will there ever be any sort of agreement on how to handle the new NFL Anthem Policy? NFL players and fans still seem to be just as equally divided on the policy as they were from the moment it was announced. 

Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy suggested in an interview that his team remains intact and united despite all of the drama surrounding the NFL. He seems to have the situation under control in Green Bay.

When Murphy was asked about his personal take on the new NFL Anthem Policy, he surprisingly answered that he was glad that it was being brought up. Murphy said that he was glad to discuss the topic because he felt that the only way for the league and the players to come to an agreement is to have the hard discussions.

After having serious and deep conversations with his own players, Murphy understands exactly why his ​Packers have been protesting, especially when it comes to social injustices. He understands that there are several underlying issues that come into play.

Murphy also highlighted the fact that he feels that his players are still patriotic and are not trying to be disrespectful to their country. After all, Martellus Bennett, Lance Kendricks, and Kevin King were the only three Packers that decided to not stand for the anthem during a game last season. 

It seems like the Packers are an organization who have this whole debate under control for now. At least they are able to have mature and intellectual discussions about harsh topics even if they have differing opinions and outlooks.