JD Martinez's career in Boston has gone swimmingly thus far, to say the least. He's tied for the MLB lead with 29 home runs, is enjoying  his first All-Star appearance since 2015, and is playing for a team with the best record in baseball. Not bad considering the lack of blockbuster offers he was getting this offseason. 

The only way this could all be better was if Martinez was locked down for the long haul in Boston. 

Luckily for Red Sox faithful, that sounds perfect to him. He is coming around to the idea of restructuring his contract in order to extend his stay in Boston.

​​That's great news for Red Sox Nation-- and terrible news for anyone who hates the idea of Boston getting back to baseball's mountaintop and staying there.

The news does seem odd, as Martinez signed with Boston just five months ago, but restructuring would work for both sides. The 30-year-old DH and outfielder currently has a five-year deal in place, so he is in Boston straight on through the end of his athletic prime if he opts in the rest of the way. Martinez currently has a staggering three opt-outs during that window following his second, third, and fourth years with the team. 

He may be able to get more than the $110 million he's currently owed if he does restructure to remove those opt-outs, but that, of course, has to be discussed with the man over his shoulder, super-agent Scott Boras. 

You have to believe that the Red Sox would love to work with Martinez on this. He's batting .328 with a ridiculous 80 RBIs and is an MVP candidate this season. It may be early in his deal, but it's never too early to gain an extra layer of security with a prodigious power bat.