It's a good thing the MLB All-Star break is here because it will give Manny Machado some much needed downtime. It may take a while to pack his bags and get on a plane to join whatever team gave up a treasure chest of assets to acquire him. ​

According to reports, the Orioles shortstop is expected to be traded before the end of the All-Star break this week. 

This would finally bring an end to a long dance between ​Baltimore's front office and any team with enough assets to get the Orioles' attention. The rumor mill was swirling yesterday when Machado was removed in the fifth inning from Baltimore's game against Texas following a rain delay. 

The expectation was that the team finally found a worthy trade partner, but no official announcement came. The O's definitely didn't want to risk him getting injured days before he's expected to get dealt.

At the moment, it's believed that ​New York, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Los Angeles are the contenders for Machado's services, but anyone could swoop in and take him if their package was good enough.

Regardless, if these reports are true, we won't have to wait long to see what uniform Machado is putting on for the second half.