World Cup medals are worth a ton of money, and there are plenty of people out there who would pay to have an authentic one. So can you blame this woman for trying to get hers? 

She was very casual about it, but maybe next time practice some slight of hand so that the millions of people watching you won't see you stuffing what looks like a medal into your jacket.

Oh, and if it's for Messi then by all means. Take the trophy too while you're at it. Here's another angle:

We're not exactly sure if she stole the medal or if she was just in charge of keeping it for someone or any number of other completely legitimate reasons. What we do know is that she stuffed what looks like a medal into her jacket pocket. It was stealthy as hell. 

That's not all though. The man beside her? That's  FIFA president, Gianni Infantino and yes, she just had a little chat with Putin while stuffing the medal away. We may have just found the bravest person in the world.