Was the level of difficulty of Tom Brady's over-the-shoulder catch attempt in Super Bowl LII a hell of a lot higher than Nick Foles gimme touchdown reception?

Absolutely. But here's the deal. Foles caught his team's pass and Brady didn't. It's that simple. For that fact alone, competitive and recreational Madden players who believe in the popular game's realism should see the ratings reflect as such.

When EA Sports rolled out the numbers for all the top players' attributes this week, it's understandable that people were stunned when Brady edged out Foles in the catch ability category.

In case you didn't see the numbers, TB12 got a whopping 39 catch rating while Foles got a 32. Basically, it's awful vs. just a bit more awful, but dammit, no way does Foles deserve the latter when compared to Brady after February's title game.

The Eagles official Twitter account wasted no time voicing its displeasure.

And guess what, the good folks over at EA listened.

It's all about the principle of respect, and justice was rightfully served.