Here's the thing about LaVar Ball that fans must come to accept: He's one of sports media's most popular persons of interest. Like pop-culture darlings the Kardashian's, the more outrageous the content, the harder it is for people to ignore. That's just reality. The Big Baller Brand CEO was once again asked about whether he could beat G.O.A.T.s Michael Jordan and LeBron James 1-on-1 in his prime, and he did not back down on his original answer.

Now, in all fairness, LaVar is correct that back in his heyday, the man was absolutely yoked physically. We even have the pictures to prove it.

Of course, the game of basketball is about more than just physicality, and if it wasn't, then we can expect Mike Bibby to return from retirement and take over the NBA. That's not going to happen and neither is a Ball vs. Jordan or Ball vs. James pickup game. 

That is fortunate for the over-confident LaVar.