Talk about going all out for the home run ball. Philadelphia Phillies owner John Middleton is reportedly willing to put all of the team's chips on the table and become big players in free agency this winter.

When we talk about putting the chips on the table, we literally mean that Middleton will call every Brinks truck in America to drive to Philadelphia so that he can grab two of the MLB's biggest superstars in future UFAs Manny Machado and Bryce Harper.

The prospect of having Harper and Machado in the same lineup is literally frightening for the rest of the MLB, especially considering that Philadelphia is already a playoff contender. 

Mach ado may not last though through MLB's official non-waiver trade deadline on July 31, as teams around the league like the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers are hot in pursuit. Then again, so are the Phillies, so the start of this plan may already be in the works. 

As for Harper, this could be his last season in Washington. He is set to become the highest paid player in the league ahead of Giancarlo Stanton after all is said and done this winter.

There will be plenty of competition for both players, though.

Be prepared to re-up the checkbook, Middleton. These moves will be costly but could bring the Phillies back to title town for the first time since 2008.